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JUICE Finance

We provide liquidity for you illiquid assets

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Mission & Key Concepts

Juice creates the middleware and infrastructure for the collateralization of fixed income assets, enabling institutional holders to enhance their treasury asset yield through on-chain lending activity in a capital efficient and regulatory compliant manner. 

Our mission

To unlock the liquidity between institutional finance & DeFi.

Current challenges

We need more talented devs!

Culture & Values

To be upfront we are not looking to onboard the next 100 million users to crypto. We are trying to onboard the next 100 institutions to DeFi to unlock the next billion of TVL.

History & Achievements

We closed our pre-seed of $1.5mm at a $10.5mm valuation in Feb 2023.

Core Team

Our founders are both Ex-JP Morgan that went full time Web3. This is our CEO: SirYield.eth

Why is JUICE Finance a great place to contribute?

We are revolutionalizing the way institutional finance interacts with DeFi.