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Decentral is building the future of sole-ownership and decentralization of data

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Mission & Key Concepts

The number one way to onboard stakeholders onto your project. We turn a creator into a founder by creating a framework for their team and staff to sell more, sell at higher prices, and sell to an expanded global market. Create organization single sources of truth with the click of a button.

Business leaders now must prioritize data protection, automation, and data driven decision making over old fashioned and outdated methodologies.

  • Our platform handles the messy, complex cybersecurity nuances
  • Essentials for startups - yet very cost-intensive
  • Composed of 2 primary components:
  • Anyone will be able to sign up and generate a dedicated, self hosted data vault on our site for a flat monthly fee.
  • Use to accept blockchain transactions and e-commerce payments from their end users.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the lack of cash when launching a startup? Are you fed up being stuck in your startup not getting the revenue numbers you need to close your next round? This is the holy grail of finding product market fit: A must read for any startup.

Culture & Values

  • Collaborative & Solutions-oriented. We are made up of thinkers and problem solvers who function from intrinsic motivation and bias for action.
  • Robust in EQ & IQ. We believe genius is at its finest when paired with empathy and thoughtfulness — and the composition of our team reflects this value.
  • We are both teachers and learners. We are a team of bright people who wish to share and educate as well as bring a sense of humility and willingness to learn.
  • Data Driven Creatives. We believe data, logic and math are the arts.
  • Ownership and Accountability. Know your scope and crush it.
  • Unified team. We like to spend our time creating, envisioning and building as a unified, friendly team.
  • Visionary. We don’t believe in thinking outside the box — we believe there is no box. We encourage our team to think big and empower sharing and developing off big ideas.
  • Diverse. We hire based on talent and fit. Period

Core Team

  • Ling Qing Meng, CEO
  • Heidi Williams, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Yasin Aktimur, Blockchain Engineer