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Lacero Platforms

The provider of an autonomous, Blockchain based Smart Contract policy creation and enforcement platform.

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Mission & Key Concepts

Lacero is the provider of an autonomous, Blockchain based Smart Contract policy creation and enforcement platform. Complementary and additive to existing key managements and legacy policy systems.

Our mission

The world’s most scalable, feature-rich, security as a service solution. A unique modular API-based architecture seamlessly integrates & performs with your business, without compromise.

 How? We have the best technology, the best processes and the best people. Get in touch and we’ll show you that we’re not just another ‘security’ solution. 

We’ve made transaction control and enforcement across your entire ecosystem more secure, scalable and flexible.

Lacero is backed by a select group of senior leaders in the international financial services industry, including several global heads of sales & trading, operations, legal and investment banking at several of the world’s leading investment banks and asset managers.

Current Challenges

We are providing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that offers orchestration, security, integration, control and compliance enhancement for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, certificates, and encrypted objects.

 We are building a platform for institutions, combining safeguarding, authentication and authorization, control, reporting and audit functionality to enhance pre-existing services, wallet infrastructures and custody arrangements to reduce operational risks, as well as preventing fraud and unauthorized transfers.

Core Team

Co-Founder – Rashid Hoosenally had a 25-year career in international financial markets in derivatives, electronic trading and international payments before starting Lacero with his Co-Founders Yuri Vizitei and Stuart Winter who have a combined 60 years experience in advanced database architectures, including the use of distribution and sharding, cryptography, key management and the use of blockchain as an advanced security rail.

Executive team

  • Rashid Hoosenally, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Yuri Vizitei, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Stuart Winter, Co-Founder & Chair of Advisory Board
  • Neil Batchelor, COO
  • Conner Nudd, Head of Product

We offer

  • Interesting product

  • Friendly and helpful team

  • Full time job with flexible schedule

  • Paid vacation and sick leaves