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IOV Labs

Building a more decentralized world for a freer and fairer future.

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Mission & Key Concepts

Our purpose is to build a more decentralized world, for a freer and fairer future. We develop technology to re-engineer the way value is created and moved around the world.

Our vision is a safe and equitable global financial system that enables everyone to participate and prosper.

We are on a mission to provide the next generation of fintech innovators with the decentralized tools and technology to build a new global economy.


We provide the next generation of fintech innovators with the decentralized tools and technology to build a new global economy.

Since 2016 IOV Labs has built disruptive, decentralized blockchain technologies. We believe everyone should have access to free and fair financial services that don’t exploit, have significant barriers to entry, or restrict liberties.

Bitcoin made financial transactions without intermediaries possible for the first time, treating all users as equals. IOV Labs launched the Rootstock blockchain in 2017, enabling smart contracts on Bitcoin and making transactions on the network cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Rootstock is home to a thriving DeFi ecosystem that builds on this philosophy, serving users around the world.

In 2018, IOV Labs launched RIF to offer decentralized products and tools that enable everybody to benefit from Rootstock technology - Everyday DeFi. Built on Rootstock, RIF reduces time to market for business and developers building cutting edge solutions using blockchain technology secured by Bitcoin.

Culture & Values

Our mission is bold. Our vision is big, and our purpose is deep.

We achieve our objectives as a team by using the IOVlabs values as our guiding principles.

Our values reflect the fact that we’re a global, distributed team that embraces complex and revolutionary decentralized technologies, guided by a strong social purpose.

Our values:

1/ Take Responsibility:

  • We deliver what we promise, on time
  • We are accountable to ourselves and to our team
  • We own our mistakes, we learn from them, we use them to grow
  • We help and invest in others whenever we can

2/ Stay Open:

  • We respect new ideas, even if we disagree with them
  • We value giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • We are transparent about our intentions and direct when there are challenges
  • We share information openly and efficiently, optimising for collaboration and productivity

3/ Be fair:

  • We reward performance and always help others to improve theirs
  • We are against all forms of favouritism and discrimination
  • We respect each other as teammates and as human beings, and assume positive intent
  • We always treat others as we would like to be treated

4/ Focus:

  • We make trade-offs, we prioritize, and we are comfortable saying “no”
  • We think long-term and we deliver short-term, at speed
  • We value completing tasks, instead of just talking about them
  • We can disagree, but we commit once a decision is made

5/ Make it useful:

  • We put the needs of our users and partners first, always
  • We spend time understanding problems from our users and partners perspective
  • We strive to create real value in everything we do
  • We keep our processes and products as simple and easy as possible

Core Team 

  • Diego Gutierrez - Co-founder & CEO
  • Daniel Fogg - President & COO
  • Matthias Rosenthal - Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim Paymans - VP of Product
  • Sergio Demian Lerner - Co-founder & Chief Scientist
  • Mariel Salas Bort - Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Pei Chen - VP of Growth


  • Competitive salary, OTE quarterly cash bonus and equity-like bonus 
  • Laptop and other working tools you might need
  • 100% remote working (External Employee) from anywhere in the world
  • Global WeWork membership 
  • Flexible working hours - you’re free to work however you work best 
  • Paid holidays and personal leave days 
  • Opportunity to work with state of art technology through challenging and unique projects 
  • Internationally diverse and dynamic team with a clear vision and strategy 
  • Training programs to learn everything about crypto 
  • Weekly scientific moments by our Research & Innovation team to learn about technology, challenges, and solutions in the blockchain world
  • Language courses: English, Spanish or Chinese 
  • Employee assistance program offering legal, financial, family, psychological, healthcare, and wellness counseling for you and your family