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Mino Games

We bring characters and worlds to life through gaming and innovation. Currently building Dimensionals

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Mission & Key Concepts

Bringing The World Together Through Gaming

Mino Games is a character-driven gaming company that is on track to become the next household name with its latest ambitious franchise.

Mino Games is leveraging blockchain technology to unlock a new era for gamers by developing immersive worlds where players come to play, collect, curate, compete, co-create, and own. Our character-driven games spread joy by uniting players across 92 countries through a shared purpose and community.

Mino Games is on a mission to connect the world by building the next major gaming universe.

Culture & Values 

Corporate culture is essential to allow the organization to differentiate itself. In terms of image on the one hand, it has strengths both internally and externally to consumers. It is indeed a source of cohesion and motivation of employees and it limits conflicts. With customers, it conveys a positive image and can develop a feeling of closeness to the company or even become a criterion of choice.

At Mino, we are a trailblazing creator of character-driven games. We believe that play fosters a deeper human connection with oneself and others.

Happiest Team in Gaming

Mino has the energy, excitement, and action of a startup – but without the bad bits. We're well organized, well funded, and care deeply about each of our colleagues. And we take care of each other!

Our Values: 

  • We value each other
  • We take care of each other
  • We trust each other
  • Together, we face difficult situations head-on
  • We learn from everything we do 


Our Decade-Long Journey


  • Early beginnings

Both founders Joshua Buckley and Sasha Mackinnon built and sold gaming companies as teenagers.

  • Y Combinator

Mino Games is founded and participated in YC Summer 2011.


  • Raise 2mm Seed Round

Lead by A16Z as our flagship game MinoMonsters is approaching launch.

  • Launch of MinoMonsters

MinoMonsters 2 took the Mino universe to a whole new level. Hundreds more monsters, immersive story, weekly.


  • Launch of MinoMonsters 2

As a team 10, we built the sequel to MinoMonsters which generated over 2mm in its first month of launch.


  • Montreal & Series A

We raised a 2mm Series A lead by Sybo, and moved our head office to Montreal to start developing Cat Game!


  • Cat Game Global Launch

We had a huge launch of Cat Game, which generated over 2m in revenue the first month and secured $30mm in UA funding.

  • Cat Life Launch

Partnered with Playco to launch Cat Life - a Facebook messenger version of Cat Game with a fresh new take on social games.


  • Fully remote, 80 employees!

With the success of our games, we scaled our team to over 80 people and moved to work full remote. We’re now a worldwide company!


  • Dog Game Launch

Launched Dog Game, the latest installment in our “Collector Franchise”. Dog game is beloved by our existing fans and new players.


  • $15 Series B

Our hard work paid off - we raised at 15m series B as Cat Game continues to grow and we gear up to take on exciting new projects in Crepto and on different platforms.


  • Founded: 2011
  • Coworkers 100+
  • Team of 80+ caring, fully remote Monsters
  • $25M in total funding
  • 60M total downloads for all titles created
  • Players are from 90+ countries / 15 regions

Core Team

  • Josh Buckley - Chairman and Co Founder
  • Sash MacKinnon - CEO
  • Shane Sareli - Chief Product Officer
  • Darren Pegg - Chief Technology Officer
  • Daniel Chou - Chief Creative Officer
  • Vijay Swamy - Chief Business Officer


  • Fully Remote: We’re fully remote and offer flexible hours
  • Paid Vacations: We offer 20 days of PTO a year
  • Paid Winter Break: Additional time off at the end of the year for rest and relaxation
  • Holidays: We follow local holidays in Canada. Our international employees get to enjoy those days as holidays as well
  • Flexible Personal & Sick days: Feeling unwell? Not to worry, we got your back!
  • Health Insurance: We provide health insurance for all associates no matter where they are
  • Mental Health & Wellness Perks: We provide access to general wellness & mental health products
  • Training: We offer learning and development opportunities to help you continue leveling up
  • Independent Creativity: Mino Games is independent, which means we can be as creative as we want without being limited by client demands!
  • Activities: Our Office Happiness Task Force will always surprise you with team and company-wide surprises and activities