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LI.FI builds a multi-chain DeFi middleware for the application layer

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Mission & Key Concepts

Advanced Bridge & DEX Aggregation

A bridge aggregation protocol with DEX connectivity and cross-chain data messaging capabilities.

Our mission:

We believe Web3 needs to be made available for not only the next million users, but for the next million developers to build on it as well.

LI.FI has built a middle layer between DeFi infrastructure and the dApp layer. Aggregating the cornerstones of DeFi allows developers to focus on their own value proposition. The ultimate gateway to any swapping and bridging available today.

LI.FI helps you to offer on-chain swaps, cross-chain swaps and a combination of both. Arbitrary function calls and cross-data messaging allow for more complex strategies. We aggregated all the bridges, DEXs and DEX aggregators so that you don't have to.

Why LI.FI?

100% Commitment To Your Needs

  • Smart &/or Preferred Routing. Finding the best route across bridges & DEX aggregators, allowing split & batch transactions - our protocol does it all.
  • Customizable & Monetizable. Customize the Widget's appearance - and the behaviour/route priority - of our API/SDK giving you the flexibility, control and trust you need.
  • Service Level Agreements. We understand our partners need to be supported, and we'll be with you all the way. Guaranteed.


We've just started our adventure

Join us, and be part of the awesome company culture that's forming. We're super-diverse, with a range of personalities, so bring your own brand of quirkiness along and join the fun!

We are a passionate team on the mission to enable a fairer, more decentralized world. To do so, we are building a crucial piece of cross-chain infrastructure to enable multiple blockchains to coexist and serve different needs. Apart from the tech, we care a lot about user experience and aim to make complex technologies accessible for everyone.

Values & Benefits

LI.FI is breaking new ground in the Cryptoverse

  • Empowered teams: We take the best person with the right skills, then inspire them to use them! We trust our team and give them the space and ownership to excel and achieve.
  • Flexible time management: We believe work should adapt to your life, not the other way around. We only schedule a few fixed meetings every week – you're free to arrange the rest of your time as you like.
  • Inclusive culture: It’s our priority to make our whole team feel included, appreciated and respected. Our global, culturally diverse team is our most important asset.
  • Remote-friendly: We’re a fully remote, global company. As long as you’re not on Mars (the WiFi is terrible we heard), being part of our team from the comfort of your own home works perfectly well for us.
  • Retreats and team building: At least once a year we invite the global team to an in-person retreat at a beautiful location (Thailand was a blast at the beginning of 2023).

History & Achievements

Founded: 2021

HQ: Berlin, Germany

Philipp and Max have been building companies together for almost a decade: “The web is close to our hearts. We have many years of experience with aggregating data, processing, and data availability - we saw the advantage of bringing our know-how to web 3. We've hand-picked a team of the most brilliant people from the bridge-building and DEX aggregation space for this endeavour. Our goal is to empower developers to onboard millions of new users!”

Core Team

  • Philipp Zentner - Founder & CEO
  • Max Klenk - CTO
  • Christian Haug - Head of Operations
  • Patrick Lipnicki - CCO
  • Marko Jurina - CMO (Cross-Chain Marketing Officer)
  • Mark Murdock - Business Development and Research