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Wallet connector with in built support for authentication, identity management, and account abstraction. Bringing frictionless UX to web3!

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Mission & Key Concepts

At 0xPass, we're dedicated to building products that deliver frictionless user experiences in web3, aiming to onboard the next billion users. Our first product is a wallet connection tool that simplifies authentication, identity management, and account abstraction for dApps, creating seamless login and authorization flows.

  • Frictionless auth and login for your dapp

0xPass is a wallet connector with in built support for authentication, identity management, and account abstraction.

Supercharged by account abstraction, 0xPass provides a secure and customizable onboarding flow for you DApp and simplifies wallet based authentication and authorization.

  • Wallet connection and authentication

Built on top of Rainbowkit, 0xPass provides a familiar wallet connection experience further boosted with in-built support for Sign In With Ethereum.

  • Onboard users without wallets

0xPass wraps third party MPC providers like Web3Auth and give you one SDK to interface with all possible methods of authentication - allowing you to onboard even users without wallets.

  • Collect user information effortlessly

Collect user information in just one click. Use the information for social proof, or to collect data for communication and other purposes.

  • User and session management

0xPass creates a unified ID for every user spanning their social accounts and wallet addresses while tracking active user sessions.

Effortlessly manage users while querying this information at will using our SDK.

  • Simple integration and management

Since it's built on RainbowKit and Wagmi, you can integrate 0xPass in a few minutes without any disruption to your current workflows and manage all features in just a few clicks from your dashboard

Account Abstraction + Authentication = Onboarding Magic

Our Values

  • Goal driven and process focused

We value a goal-driven and process-focused approach, striving to achieve specific objectives and outcomes while emphasizing the establishment and adherence to well-defined systems for efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Embrace curiosity

We encourage team members to be inquisitive, explore new ideas, and challenge assumptions to discover opportunities for growth and improvement. Embracing curiosity means proactively learning new skills and technologies, seeking feedback and constructive criticism, and experimenting with calculated risks to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Have fun

We believe work should be enjoyable and fulfilling, and having fun fosters a positive, productive work environment. We aim to create an atmosphere where employees can express their creativity, be themselves, and enjoy their work.

History & Roadmap

Founded: 2022

HQ: San Francisco, California, United States

With a healthy runway following our pre-seed round, we're backed by investors such as AllianceDAO, Balaji Srinivasan, Alchemy Ventures, Cory Levy, Soma Capital, and others.

In future releases we will look to bolster our onboarding flow with features around account abstraction:

  • Smart Wallet support
  • Gas Sponsorships