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Discover your wallet address’s abilities: mints, airdrops, unlocks, votes, and more

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Mission & Key Concepts   

Never miss a mint, airdrop, or token gate

Our platform tells you everything your wallet address can do: derivative mints, votes, airdrop claims, token-gated unlocks, and more. We call these things you can do “abilities”, and we believe they are the most fun experiences you can have in web3. We deliver these meaningful experiences to all web3 users across our own app as well as the wallets and web apps that use our API.

Culture & Values

Our team has been in crypto and working together since 2019, and we are backed by crypto native VCs. We believe comprehensive ability coverage is only possible through a strong community, and that ability feeds should be free and available to all. Our team is building a core piece of web3 infrastructure - the ability layer - and we are seeking an experienced backend engineer with knowledge of and passion for the web3 space.


We are backed by crypto-native investors and have been working together in crypto for the past four years. Our founder was Director of Product at a top thirty crypto network, and our lead engineer was his counterpart there as Director of Engineering.

  • Founded: 2022
  • Team: 4 people
  • Industry: Crypto/Web3

Core Team

  • Kyle McCollom - CEO
  • Morley Zhi - Founding Lead Engineer
  • Austin McCollom - Founding Engineer
  • Jimmy Smith - Product Designer


  • Competitive pay and generous equity
  • Full medical, dental, vision insurance
  • Flexible time off