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Community-first Gaming User Acquisition Platform built on top of Lens Protocol

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Mission & Key Concepts

SnowBallX is the Community-first Gaming User Acquisition Platform built on top of Lens Protocol. It’s a proposed decentralized platform designed to help gaming companies acquire new users through a transparent, secure, and incentivized system.

The platform leverages the power of both Web2 and Web3 technologies to create a more effective and efficient user acquisition process that benefits both gaming companies and users.

In order to achieve that we’re utilizing community-first approach where we’re going to build interest and economic graphs - where users are forming social communities around common gaming interests (i.e. PieDiePie RPG clan) and economic interests (having a share in the community earnings).

Founder Vision

Our ultimate goal is to connect game developers/brands and YouTube/TikTok creators/KOLs using web2 and web3 technologies and provide more efficient user acquisition for the first and extra monetization opportunities for the second. Thus, we are working at the junction of Gaming & Creators Economy & DeSoc.

However, the connection between creators and fans is not tight enough. Creators are constantly looking for extra monetization opportunities and are forced to create new content regularly to remain on the radar. I believe in reorganising relationships with the help of UGS and blockchain mechanics, enabling the reusability of content, and creating a much more immersive experience where brands and the audience become part of the story rather than simply content consumers or promoters.

History and Current Stage

The project is in the pre-seed stage. There is no website yet.

Core Team

Team size: 7 (Founder, CTO, 2 developers, CMO, Marketer, video designer)

  • Nazarii Hrechanyk — Founder and CEO. Head of Tron DAO Ventures (VC arm of Tron), passionate gamer (Axie, Illuvium, FIFA, WOW, LOTR, CS1.6), member of the biggest web3 gaming DAO — WolvesDAO, ex-Investment Associate at DMarket (acquired by Mythical Games)