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Creators of Upstreet, Infinitia and Moemate

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Mission & Key Concepts

The next gen MMO which is more than a game

Webaverse is building a feature packed web based game engine to manifest the best version of the Metaverse. One which meets users where they are, requires no installs, and supports self expression to the max. We want to make the web fun while enabling users to take back control of their data. We are also working on some pretty cool and exciting stuff which we will be sharing publicly sooooon.

We are artists, creatives, and coders on a mission to set the foundations of an open metaverse by enabling creators and communities to build their own virtual worlds and rich experiences which they truly own.

We work with creators and communities to show the world sickest community driven experiences.

  • Founded: 2020
  • HQ: Wilmington, Delaware

Our Vision

"We're not always going to think of these websites as flat pages on screens. Our desire is to turn World Wide Web into a fun game"

Sometime this decade a good pair of glasses will come out and forever change computing as we know it. The future is spatial, but it risks being owned by a small handful of companies.

We want the future successor to the Internet and sum of all virtual worlds to evolve more like the web and less like an app store. Hence the name Webaverse.

We are building a web based metaverse / game engine to support user generated content (NFTs) built on standard file formats. We believe that you can have the best possible experience on the Web comparable or better to games published on Unity, Unreal and supporting AR, VR etc.

We are also building a custom experience on top which showcases the capabilities of the engine as we continue to push the limits of the browser.

Culture & Values

  • Fun

The intersection of crypto, web, and virtual worlds is one of the most interesting, fun, and creative spaces to work in. Dank memes have serious real world value because of NFTs.

  • Transparent

We like to work in the open. All of our code is open source, use public Discord instead of Slack, and have even begun to livestream development onto Twitch.

  • Challenging

This space moves quickly, so we must too. Tell us if you have participated in math or programming challenges, hackathons, or capture the flag competitions.

  • Passionate

We are evangelists of open standards and supporters of the decentralized web movement. Make a real difference in making the Metaverse less friction and more freedom alongside veterans of crypto and WebXR ecosystems.

Core Team

  • Ahad Shams - President/CEO
  • Muhammad Ali Saad - Project Manager
  • Chris Larkin - Chief Technology Officer