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A decentralized marketplace for crypto yields.

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Mission & Key Concepts

Superform is a decentralized marketplace for crypto yields. Superform makes it possible for users to browse all yield opportunities on different blockchains and seamlessly deposit into them using any asset from any chain in a single transaction. Protocols can permissionlessly list their vaults on Superform to give them instant distribution, eliminating the need for a custom frontend. Superform is venture backed by top investors in crypto.

Our vision is to simplify earning and distributing yield.

Founded: 2022

Current status: closed beta launched on November 28th and will continue into 1Q23 as we complete audits of the contracts, polish the platform, and add even more functionality.

Current challenges & Solutions

As heavy DeFi users, we understand the massive UX disparity between centralized and decentralized options for earning yield. DeFi yield discovery, execution, and distribution take immense time and effort. Superform solves the problems we collectively face. It offers:

  • Users: Single transaction access into any ERC-4626 yield vault on any EVM chain using any asset.
  • Protocols: Instant omnichain distribution of their ERC-4626 vaults.

There are three main components to Superform:

  • Superform Protocol: The decentralized protocol that routes assets across chains into yield and serves as a permissionless marketplace for all yield opportunities
  • Superform dApp: The UX layer that allows users to browse, access, and manage yield opportunities from any chain
  • Superform API & Services: Provides comprehensive data about yield opportunities and easy programmatic access to all yield listed on the protocol


We are a small team of crypto native builders, traders, and designers looking to bridge the gap between the current state of crypto and mass adoption.

We were raised on Runescape and crypto mining in our basements. We’ve ridden the waves of the volatile crypto market cycles. We’re deeply dedicated and fanatically obsessed with creating a more efficient, fair, and accessible financial system using crypto.

Core Team

  • Blake Richardson, Co-Founder
  • Vikram Arun, Co-Founder
  • Alex Cort, Co-Founder


  • Work remotely anywhere in the world
  • Equity included as part of compensation package
  • Insurance (health, dental, vision) FSA or HSA (USA only)
  • 401k (USA only)
  • Office in NY or Miami
  • In-person meetups with the team (all expenses paid)