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Spatial Labs

We Build Next Generation Technology

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Mission & Key Concepts

Welcome To The Future Of A More Connected World.

Spatial Labs is a hardware+software company that powers the Web3 economy. We build ecosystems with real-world value and utility, making blockchain and the metaverse accessible and usable for the masses.

We are focused on building a particular segment of the Metaverse that we call “The Metaverse of Things” (MoT) — and its focused on physical products with fixed real world utility.

Spatial Labs is a technology infrastructure company that is powering the next generation of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Omni-channel, and Immersive Experiences.

Our products

1/ LNQ

  • The LNQ One Chip is a microchip that can be integrated into physical products - allowing brands to market and create loyalty programs directly in into their products ecosystem.
  • Auras Gen 2. Auras are our dynamic avatar system available for all users within the LNQ ecosystem. Users can unlock new Aura customizations by attending events, participating in-app, or even buying physical items. Auras Gen 2 will be launching soon.

2/ Hard Wear, a Next Gen Clothing Platform.

  • Gen One Sweater. Introducing Gen One Sweater Hardwear - The first LNQ Product To Utilize The LNQ Gen One Product. Offering a premium heavy textured - double sided garment with hidden side pockets.
  • Introducing “The Cloud” Gen One Hardwear - The world’s first blockchain enabled Clog. The Cloud is made up of 100% Recycled materials and offers both comfort and durability.

History & Achievements

  • Founded:2020
  • HQ: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Team: 31 people
  • Funding: $14M

Spatial Labs (sLABS) is an industry-leading hardware/software infrastructure company powering the next generation of Web3 technology. Founded by technologist and entrepreneur Iddris Sandu, Spatial Labs is committed to driving innovation at the intersection of culture, community, connectivity, and limitless design to revolutionize the future of the human experience.

The company’s first product LNQ, an innovative state-of-the-art blockchain-enabled hardware platform, was publicly launched in May 2022. LNQ aims to make the Web3 more accessible and provide creators with decentralized tools to engage with their communities through LNQ’s proprietary, real-time processing stack.

Since its inception in 2020, Spatial Labs has delivered the most innovative hardware-software infrastructure shaping the future of commerce, consumer experience, and connectivity between brands and the next generation.

Partners & Backers

  • Spatial Labs is venture-backed and supported by notable VC’s such as Blockchain Capital, JAY-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners, and more.
  • Spatial Labs has collaborated with and powered experiences for brands such as Adidas x Ivy Park, Tidal, Pantone, IKEA / Space10, Crocs, Ales Grey, and more.

Core Team

  • Iddris Sandu, Founder & CEO

Culture & Values

We are a team of forward-thinking innovators at Spatial Labs, always pushing the boundaries of technology to empower all possibilities.