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Mission & Key Concepts

Mantle Network is a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) modular L2 network incubated by the BitDAO community. Mantle Network’s modular rollup architecture separates transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality. As the first L2 network partner for restaking protocol EigenLayer, Mantle Network directly inherits security from Ethereum while offering high performance at low fees.

As the world’s first DAO-led L2 network, Mantle Network is pioneering a vision for a more collaborative decentralized economy to showcase the potential of tokenized governance. Our mission is to revolutionize the blockchain industry by providing scalable, efficient, and secure solutions for decentralized applications.

Current Challenges

Our challenge is finding talents who:

  • Are web3 natives and can effectively communicate with and appeal to the best thinkers, builders and entrepreneurs in the entire web3 space
  • Can not only ideate but also operationalize their ideas in a practical, organized manner and communicate these plans cross-team and eventually, with the external target audience
  • Have an interest in delving deep into dApp innovation and building and connecting with different parts of the Mantle ecosystem as we move towards a single goal to accelerate web3 adoption

Culture & Values

  • Community-Focused: We create, build and communicate in ways that respond to the community’s needs — our products, services and overall ecosystem are accelerated and governed by the decisions of the community that supports Mantle
  • Innovation: We are constantly at the forefront of the latest innovations in the industry and exploring/researching new integrations to quickly adapt to the newest technologies
  • Collaboration: We create an environment where teams work not in silo, but where each individual team member feels comfortable in bouncing ideas and sharing their opinions on any company-wide decisions. This collaborative way of working translates externally in the way Mantle openly collaborates with partners to bring the ecosystem and community the best the web3 world has to offer

History & Achievements

Mantle is a community-governed and accelerated modular Ethereum layer-2 network incubated by one of the largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in the world by treasury size, BitDAO. Since its inception in July 2021, BitDAO has become one of the largest decentralized treasuries in the world with billions in assets. Leveraging a tokenized governance system, BitDAO continues to display and execute its open mandate to foster technologies that present entirely new ways for people to work, engage, and transact together. BitDAO's mission is to support builders of the decentralized economy and showcase the potential of DAOs. A primary activity of the BitDAO ecosystem is to partner with BitDAO Initiatives, like Game7, that is funded in part by the BitDAO treasury. These initiatives consist of independent governance systems, and create aligned economic links back to the treasury itself, enabling the viral growth of more value-producing initiatives.

Mantle launched on Jan. 10, 2023 with a testnet rollout where community governance on key decisions relating to Mantle was supported by BitDAO. On May 19, 2023, a proposal was passed by both the Mantle and BitDAO community for a merger under a single brand, Mantle.

Mantle Network is officially launched on mainnet on 17th July 2023.

Why Mantle a great place to contribute

Work with the brightest mind in web3 and a team that is technology driven to make an impact in the blockchain world.

We work internationally and collaborates with some of the well-established partners in the ecosystem.