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Over-Collateralized Lending In DeFi Is Capital Inefficient. We’re On A Mission To Change That

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Mission & Key Concepts

Collateralized cryptoasset-backed loans often get quite significantly overcollateralized and capital-inefficient due to the inherent volatility of the crypto markets.

Altitude takes over the controls by actively managing your loan’s debt and collateral in real-time, optimizing your capital efficiency.

When it becomes clear that loan doesn’t need all of your available collateral, Altitude puts it to good use by letting it generate yield. When your collateral is suddenly needed back, Altitude automatically rebalances your loan to maintain the LTV.

As the value of your collateral increases and your loan becomes overcollateralized, Altitude automatically utilizes the unused collateral for generating yield, which in itself helps to reduce the size of the loan over time.

Altitude’s radar continuously scans the leading debt pools for a lower interest rate. Your loan gets automatically refinanced to the best possible rate the very second it becomes available.

History / Team / Achievements

Altitude is founded by experienced entrepreneurs and technologists. The project is backed and supported by the builders of some of the leading projects in Web 3.


  • Altitude has raised a total of $2.1M, on May 22, 2023