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Customer support platform for community-first organizations.

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Mission & Key Concepts

Redefining Customer Support & Engagement for Communities

Mava is building a next generation support and engagement OS for every community-driven company, starting with support software that is natively designed for web3 organizations. Mava aims to be the go-to tool for anyone looking to start, hyper-scale or support any type of community.

Our starting point is an AI-first customer support platform for web3 organizations. We enable organizations to easily support their community across multiple channels (Discord, Website, Telegram), publicly and privately. Think Zendesk for web3.We're already trusted by hundreds of web3 communities, including names such as DeGods, Alchemy, Cosmos, and Trader Joe. Looking ahead, we plan to scale our solution to any community-driven company, starting with gaming, open source, and SaaS verticals.We're backed by some of Europe's top pre-seed investors such as Seedcamp.

History & Achievements

Founded: 2022


  • Seedcamp
  • Portfolio Ventures


  • 1M+ Messages Sent
  • 600+ Communities
  • 50K+ Public Discord Responses

Current state of Mava product

  • 7+ months into our beta, and we're proud of what we've accomplished in this time as a small and dedicated team.
  • We're live with hundreds of communities, including some of the most well-known players in the web3 space, such as Cosmos, DeGods and Alchemy across their Website, Discord and / or Telegram channels.
  • Two Discord servers using Mava have over 1m members.

Mava is ready for scale.

You can now turn your Knowledge Base into an AI Chat Bot working across Web Chat & Discord (public and private conversations) in just 5 mins.

Our product has all of the core features you expect from a powerful support tool, such as omni-channel support, analytics, custom filters, tags, notifications and private notes. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure we deliver a best-in-class solution.

Core Team