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General Magic

Full-service web3 design & dev agency, supporting projects that better our planet

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Mission & Key Concepts

We build web3 products, governance, and economic systems

Web3 professionals building social impact solutions throughout Web3 and Public Good space.

Who we are

We are an elite group of Web3 professionals exclusively supporting organizations that create greater value for society. We What we do

Our Mission is to make magic happen! We do this by supporting crypto-philanthropic organizations and communities to reach their full potential, collaborating with them in a diverse range of capacities. The source of our magic thrives on the digital winds of the Blockchain4Good universe.

Why do we do it

The ecosystem of Blockchain projects, on Ethereum in particular, is growing at a lightning pace. With the rapid development of DeFi and DeGov the world needs talented sorcerers and sorceresses to build for-good tools leveraging Web3 innovations. General Magic was born out of the Giveth Galaxy; Immersed in a culture of Blockchain Philanthropy, we have the knowledge and insights to build a better future for the Decentralized Web.

How are we funded

We are in the process of implementing a client payment-based model. We implement a combination of long-term work agreements with value-aligned DAOs and projects as well as stand-alone bounties, projects, and consultancy work to generate sustainable funding for General Magic.

History & Achievements

Founded by a couple of folks from Giveth in 2020, General Magic supports the design, development, parameterization & communications efforts of impact DAO's ranging from Giveth, Commons Stack, the TEC, and more so that those orgs can focus on their collective missions together.

Core Team

We are a mix of noble designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers and seasoned Web3 professionals, catering to all commons-based organisations working together to create a greater value for society.