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We nurture ideas that empower people.

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Mission & Key Concepts

This is where digital products and ventures go further!

We are Subvisual, a consulting team and a venture studio born in Braga (Portugal), working from anywhere with customers across the globe.

We are built on a foundation of friendship and consistent fulfilment while keeping things challenging by ensuring we are known for offering our customers top-notch skills and expertise.

We’re a small team of infinite learners, engineers, designers and managers on a mission to nurture ideas that empower people and whose vision is to create and grow healthy teams that solve meaningful problems. We care about people, we try to understand their needs, we learn constantly and we give back by sharing.

We believe in trust and accountability as we practice transparency and provide access to information and we expect your opinion and engagement for important decision making.

Culture & Values

Subvisual universe is a group of companies that orbit around the same goal: empower people through top-notch solutions. We kicked off this Universe community and it keeps expanding!

What We Stand For:

  • People come first

We care about our people’s energy and happiness. We want everyone to feel happy,accepted, and excited for what’s coming.

  • Aim higher

Be the giant others stand on. Our work environment allows you to experiment new things and achieve proficiency in what interests you.

  • Know no limits

Don’t start at perfect, don’t stop at done. We always aim for the next chance to try something new and go further and beyond.

  • Empathetic, diverse, sustainable

We welcome everyone as they are. We try to understand people’s needs and give back by sharing.

  • Be dynamic

We want everyone to suggest changes and progress, both in our projects and within the company.

  • Stay curious

Follow that desire to learn more, to go deep into details and to be attentive to what’s next. Here, curiosity doesn’t kill any cat. It kills problems.


  • Founded: 2012
  • HQ: Braga, Portugal

Group Buddie started in 2012 as a product-based company, with one goal in mind: develop the best content management system in the world. We envisioned this product would change the way companies handled their internal and external communications, thus improving their overall productivity and profit.

We went through a complete makeover, from a product-based company to a service-oriented team. Since we always believed in bootstrapping and needed income, this was a natural step for us. Therefore, the only alternative we had was to accept that we would become, for the time being, a service-oriented team, providing web development consultancy.

In the end of 2018 we started working on the rebranding process for Subvisual. We had grown beyond the identity we coined in 2015, and we felt the brand needed to reflect both that growth and our ambition for the future. Consequently, that brought along a new website.

When we initially became Subvisual, we wanted it to show how our work speaks for us. How we go the extra mile in what we do and look at the smallest details with the utmost attention. We wanted it to convey our craftsmanship as a seal of excellence.

We are now more than just ourselves, we are a universe of ideas being nurtured.

In this universe, we are but a single planet, and a rather small one. This little planet is just an ambitious dream with a clear end goal: to empower people, by helping give birth to countless little worlds and helping them grow.

Core Team

  • Luis Ferreira - Founder and Developer
  • Roberto Machado - Founder & CEO
  • Gabriel Poça - CTO
  • Laura Esteves - COO
  • João Ferreira - CPO


  • We are a remote-first company, giving you the freedom to work where you want
  • We believe in and foster autonomy: "with great power comes great responsibility"
  • You'll get unlimited vacations. Take the days off you need
  • Health insurance is provided
  • Budget for healthcare services, gym, events, technical books, and more