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IX Swap

First Security Token Exchange with True Liquidity, Making Private Markets Accessible to Everyone

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Mission & Key Concepts

A World of New & Powerful Investment Opportunities

IX Swap is the pioneering DeFi platform that enables trading of security tokens through licenced custodians and broker-dealers. It uses blockchain technology and DeFi solutions to create infrastructure and liquidity for security tokens and tokenized assets.

Our mission: Use blockchain technology to build infrastructure and liquidity solutions for security tokens, ultimately creating worldwide access to private market assets.

At IX Swap, our goal is to democratize access to private market investments and address the illiquidity challenges facing the tokenization industry. By utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology such as Automated Market Making (AMM), liquidity pools, DeFi, and DEX, we aim to level the playing field for investors and open up a wider range of investment opportunities for all to participate in.

IX Swap Features:

  • Security Token & Crypto Trading

Trading of security tokens and cryptocurrencies through our security token exchange.

  • DeFi Liquidity Solution

Automated market maker and liquidity pools purpose built for security tokens and tokenized assets.

  • IXS Launchpad

Next-Gen Crowdfunding platform through security tokens and fractionalized-NFTs.

  • Interchain Operability

Wrapper token technology allowing for cross-chain asset trading.

  • Unlock Value

Earn extra income from your idle assets through our liquidity mining and staking programs.

  • Regulatory Compliant

Partnerships with licenced intermediaries to deal with the nuances of regulations.

Culture & Values 

X Swap is committed to empowering all individuals to easily invest in private markets assets through the power of blockchain technology and increased liquidity:

  • Change

Change the way we create, hold, transfer, and manage assets

  • Explore

Explore beyond-belief career opportunities

  • Create

Create a sustainable future

  • Pioneer

Pioneer new blockchain applications through tokenization and security tokens


When IX Swap was established in 2021, it positioned itself as the “Uniswap” for security tokens. Those who are familiar with how Uniswap ignited a paradigm shift in addressing the liquidity problem of digital assets will understand how ambitious a project like this can be - but also very necessary and long overdue.

Security tokens face the same fundamental problem of liquidity that plagued cryptocurrencies before Uniswap introduced its automated market maker (AMM) protocol. Once it did, Uniswap effectively solved this liquidity problem by automating processes, leveraging liquidity pools, and doing away with human intermediaries through the use of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

IX Swap is bringing the same bleeding-edge technology to the security token industry to solve its liquidity problem that has hindered the market from reaching its trillion-dollar potential.

Core Team

The team at IX Swap is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, with over 15 successful companies and deep knowledge in both capital markets and blockchain technology. Comprising almost 30 individuals with expertise in blockchain engineering, economics, legal compliance, marketing and capital markets, our team has been working tirelessly to develop and launch the IX Swap platform, which became available to users in April 2022.

  • Julian Kwan - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Aaron Ong - Co-Founder & President
  • S. Alice Chen - Co-Founder & COO
  • Alexander Cucer - Chief Technology Officer
  • John P. - Chief Strategic Offic


  • Competitive salary and flexible working hours
  • Work from anywhere in the world and thrive in a culture based on trust, transparency, and empowerment