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Engram Network

Engram Network is a new blockchain protocol designed for real world adoptions. Join our journey by completing these community tasks and earn XPs!

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Mission & Key Concepts

What is Engram Network?

Engram Network is the most supportive blockchain platform made for real use cases. Engram collaborates with startups, industries and real-world business sectors to implement Engram smart contracts safely and create the impact. Engram is powered by Gram-fees for running transactions, securing the transactions and governance.

Our mission is to bring blockchain technology for real-world sectors effectively using the automated blockchain service and customer needs discovery method, we bring blockchain technology for solving real-world sectors. We don’t want to walk alone this, our community will also help us.

Our vision is to become the most supportive blockchain protocol that drives web3 and blockchain implementation through real world collaborative stakeholders adoptions.

Why use Engram?

Engram focused on blockchain implementations for real-world use cases such as logistics, estates, etc. We combine the smart contract technologies for B2B partnerships in business sectors. We addressed the smart-contract technology demands from real sectors and we knew the adoption challenges we need to overcome.

How Engram work?

Engram Network works with Engram communities to address the potential use cases for real world adoptions, do research on potential tech stacks we can implement for them and execute the blockchain adoptions for their ecosystem members on our network.


We are more than just a blockchain network. At Engram Network, you’ll discover a vibrant culture of opportunity, where strong collaboration and mentorship create a path for advancement, all while keeping a touch of fun in the diversity!

History & Achievements

Founded: 2023

HQ: Indonesia

Quarterly Roadmap Overview

  • Our first quarter will be focussed on community building, minimum viable product (MVP) building and fundamental conceptions.
  • The next quarter we’ll see the mainnet of Engram Chain and our decentralized team from across the globe will be able to assist institutions to become our validators alongside with other decentralized validators
  • The next quarter we’ll be focussing on inviting real companies, academics, businesses, communities, governments, medias and investors to become our validators, then we’ll potentially have a public round.

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Core Team

  • M. Fathurridho, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Wawan Setyawan, Co-Founder & Chief of Product
  • Mike VENTURI, Co-Founder & CBCO
  •  Joy, CTO
  • Fitri, COO


  • GRAM allowance

Engram Team, aka Engram labs will lead and steward the prototype of Engram Chain and other product related to Engram.

  • Growth Environment

Starting from day one, we commit to build a workspace where nobody will become a center. Collaborate and explore your own potential with us.

  • Satisfaction

At Engram, we recognize the value of face-to-face interactions and the value of passion driven works. Find what you truly love and make it together.