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Crypto’s Invisible DEX Layer

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Mission & Key Concepts

Native is crypto’s invisible DEX layer. With Native, any app can become its own exchange in minutes, integrate top-tier liquidity providers, and earn all of its own trading fees.

Native is a liquidity solution that combines bridges, assets and pricing into one offering.

As Web3's Liquidity Layer, Native provides liquidity to all our partners, abstracting the underlying Defi infrastructure away for any ecosystems or dApps.

Our Thesis:

  • Going omni-chain is the future.
  • Sourcing and supplying liquidity will be prohibitively expensive and more challenging as more networks pop up.
  • Liquidity fragmentation persists because pricing remains inventory-based.
  • So long as pricing demands cross-chain asset movement, bridging inefficiencies shackle us.
  • An efficient, unified liquidity layer is required to pave the way for mass adoption.

We’re committed to building a community of projects and users who together bring crypto to the next 1 billion users. That will require the very best trading experience. Our DEX layer gives projects the tools they need to provide that frictionless experience and make crypto more accessible.

How Our Product Brings Value

  • Earn Fee Revenue

Keep the trading fees that CEXs and DEXs are earning from your users’ swaps.

  • Drive deep liquidity

Achieve the same liquidity as standard DEX AMM models with just a fraction of the required capital.

  • Streamline Your User Journey

Allow users to buy & sell tokens within your app directly instead of redirecting them to exchanges.

Use Cases

  • Projects can use Native to build their own in-app swaps that are connected to our Liquidity Layer.
  • Aggregators, such as 1inch, can use Native's Liquidity Layer as a liquidity source for better prices to pass on to end users. Furthermore, we have enough liquidity so that we can process large orders on-chain.
  • Solvers can use Native's Liquidity Layer as a liquidity source for better prices.
  • Intent Based Projects, like UniswapX, can use Native's Liquidity Layer as a liquidity source to search for the best prices.
  • Market Makers who are connected to Native's Liquidity Layer can receive more order flow with less effort.

History & Achievements

We built Native because the crypto ecosystem has become too reliant on exchanges and market makers. Exchanges stand between users and projects, extracting fees and adding friction. Market makers operate in the shadows and few understand how they work. To scale crypto to 1 billion users, we need to become user-centric. That’s why we built Native.

The launch of Native this year has proven to be a notable success for our team, reaffirming our core objective of building crypto’s invisible DEX layer.

Since April 2023, Native-powered DEXs have facilitated a cumulative trading volume exceeding $634 million USD, earning a spot amongst the top 10 protocols ranked by volume of DefiLlama. This is in large part due to our unique PMM-RFQ pricing model that is able to deliver the cheapest prices for Altcoin trading.

Our Partners

  • Ankr
  • Cypher Capital
  • iGamie
  • Blocknative
  • QuestN
  • CyberConnect, and others

Core Team  

  • Meina Zhou - CEO & Co-Founder