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BlockJam 2022

Blockjam 2022 is a global virtual conference and hackathon for bringing game devs into the web3 ecosystem.


Jun 17 - Jul 10

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BlockJam is a free global virtual conference and hackathon where developers can learn and build together to usher in a game development revolution using blockchain that aligns incentives the right way for developers and gamers.

  • Make your best games. Move beyond Free to Play
  • A new level of transparency for in-game rewards
  • Get direct input from community through web3
  • Reward your most frequent players, not loudest voices
  • Align players and developer incentives
  • Be at the forefront of a gaming revolution

Blockchain is already proving to be a powerful tool in adding an edge to the global gaming industry. Learn from industry experts directly for free online and win from the $50,000 + prize pool.


An event specially designed for Unity Game developers and aspiring developers to take their skills to the next level through talks, workshops, and a GameJam to test their mettle.

  • Opening Ceremony – June 17
  • Talks and Workshops from Web3 & Gaming experts – June 18-19
  • Two Weeks of GameJam – June 20 - July 4
  • Results Announcement & Closing Ceremony – July 10

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