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The Nervos Network is a collection of protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem aiming to solve the biggest challenges facing blockchains

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Nervos Network is a fully open source project. Our long term vision for the Nervos Network is to be fully decentralized in all aspects and community-led. Part of our journey to achieving this is enabling and empowering individuals, projects and teams who share a common vision for the network.

current challenges

The growth of the Nervos ecosystem and developer community is one of the highest priority initiatives to achieve our long-term vision and goals for the project. To facilitate and bootstrap this growth, the majority of our ecosystem fund will be used to fund and support people and teams who want to contribute to the growth of the Nervos ecosystem.

culture & values

The Nervos Network is being built by a team of developers with deep roots in the crypto space. We are a diverse group with backgrounds in engineering, cryptography, token-economics and community building – currently more than 95+ people across the world.Nervos believes firmly in the multi-chain future.

We’re committed to build best in class infrastructure to make blockchain interoperability a reality with the support of our rapidly growing community, ecosystem projects and world class investors such as Sequoia Capital, Polychain Capital, Dragonfly Capital, 1KX and Electric Capital. 


The Nervos project first launched in 2018 in search of a solution for the scalability issues that plagued layer-1 networks, specifically smart contract platforms, at the time.

We launched Nervos' manner in November 2019. A public blockchain uses a different architectural design by separating its infrastructure into two layers: a single base layer and a high-performance application layer. Nervos developers are building a collection of protocols to provide the scalability and environment necessary to support applications.

This base layer also features a native utility token, the CKByte (CKB). CKByte is used for resource management and miner incentivization and entitles the holder to allocate state storage space on the CKB blockchain. Participants can also lock tokens in the Nervos DAO, enabling deposits to receive compensation or “yield” on their holdings.

core team

Terry Tai - Co-Founder & Core developer

Kevin Wang - Co-Founder & Researcher

Daniel Lv - Co-Founder & Community Builder

Jan Xie - Architect & Researcher

Cipher Wang - Founder & CEO of Nervina Labs

Ren Zhang - Lead Researcher

Quake Wang - Software Engineer

Jordan Mack - Software Engineer

Ian Yang - Tech Lead

Xuejie Xiao - Tech Lead


As we're growing fast, we're looking for people who share the same vision of an open, inclusive and permissionless future to join our team and help us build the backbone of tomorrow's economic infrastructure.