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Bengaluru, India

zkBob Bounty & Workshop @ ETHIndia 2022

Utilize the zkBob API and win the prize


Dec 01 - Dec 01

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zkBob UI is developed as a client side application which generates zkproofs on a user's machine. This is ideal from a security and privacy standpoint, however it can introduce some obstacles for application developers. To simplify zkBob interactivity and reduce friction for users and application developers, we have released the zkBob API and cloud wallet into beta.

With the API, developers do not need to use a client SDK to manage crytpographic keys, client application state and other complexities. Users do not need to secure keys entirely on their own or wait for cryptographic proof generation. The hosted version of the zkBob REST API and cloud wallet greatly expands the possibilities for interaction. For the hackathon, we want you to explore new use cases for private transactions using the zkBob API and BOB stablecoin.


  • Build on Polygon
  • Use BOB custodial API (zkBob cloud) for private transfers

Use Case Ideas:

  • Donation platform where donors maintain anonymity
  • Fundraising platform with internal KYC while maintaining public privacy
  • DAO accounting application
  • Private payment-splitting application for friend groups
  • Wallet integration for private payments - integrate BOB payments into an open source wallet
  • Tip bot/extension (telegram bot, twitter bot, browser extension)
  • Food delivery service with private payments
  • BOB powered vending machine/POS
  • *Extra credit: Direct library integration, direct deposits
  • Your idea here!!!


🏆 5 prizes of $2000 in BOB ($2000 USD equivalent) will be awarded.

🥇 The top 5 projects utilizing the zkBob API will each receive a $2,000 prize. Creativity, innovation, and implementation will be considered during judging.

zkBob is a stablecoin-based zkprotocol which intent to simplify secure, limited-value, and anonymous stablecoin transfers for everyday users