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zkBob is a stablecoin-based zkprotocol which intent to simplify secure, limited-value, and anonymous stablecoin transfers for everyday users

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Mission and key concepts

Privacy is normal. We are all entitled to privacy in many aspects of our lives, and this includes our finances. It is normal to keep details such as how much money you have, how much money you make, and how you choose to spend your money private. This can be difficult on-chain and zkBob is here to help.

The application accepts BOB, a multi-chain, multi-collateral stablecoin enhanced with optional privacy features.

Current Challenges

We are actively expanding our team and looking for help in many aspects. In particular, we are looking for a zero-knowledge cryptographer and researcher with prior experience with zk-SNARKs to help implement an innovative solution for private cross-blockchain transactions.

We are also looking for someone to join our BD team to help grow the whole ecosystem around BOB token and zkBob protocol.

Culture & Values

True believers that privacy is something essential and something which should be available for everyone.


In December 2022, it will be 2 years since the start of the research on the protocol. What started as a small independent research of a few veteran blockchain developers has grown into something which is used by thousands of users on a daily basis. We are currently working on many enhancements for the protocol and trying to grow the use cases for BOB stablecoin.

Core team

The team is very diverse. It consists of blockchain veterans who have been in the space for several years, independent researchers, and developers who are just starting on the blockchain field.


Fully remote positions, competitive salaries, and working on something essential for all humans.