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Integrate SOR

implement a way to use Balancer SOR

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This bounty can be good for individual contributors and can be a great way to get to know the Balancer protocol in more detail. Also, Balancer is always on the lookout for great developers, and completing Bounties is a great way to demonstrate your skills while getting paid!

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Balancer SOR is a JS package.

Would be great if someone implemented a way to use this to get orders in Python. i.e. launching a background SOR and making calls to it.

how to apply:

1. Make sure you have a good idea of how to approach it. Feel free to ask questions in the Balancer Discord, #dev channel if required.

2. Fill out the form and in Step 3 mention you're applying for a bounty along with the title of the task.

3. In Step 5 add the estimated expense for you to complete the task, normally the full amount won't be paid until completion so make this as accurate as possible.

4. Once you submitted the form a member of the Grants Committee will be in touch to follow up the next steps which normally involved a call with a Committee member to discuss the project.

5. Thanks for applying!


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