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help DXDAO to spread some humor about 'real governance'

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DXdao prides itself as being a transparent organization where decisions are made through governance. Unlike many “DAOs” DXdao’s treasury is not in a multi-sig, but can only be moved by on-chain proposals.

problem to solve

This bounty would launch a series of memes that would convey the “Real Governance” of DXdao as opposed to other DAOs that engage in less transparent governance that relies on trusted parties.

acceptance criteria

To win this bounty, participants must submit at least 15 memes that are related to DXdao governance. They should feature the DXdao logo or one of the DXdao products and be relatable to the crypto Twitter audience.

Judging will be based upon: Displaying an understanding and familiarity with DXdao governance Virality and potential for memes to spread Humor

Need some inspiration? Here are a few examples - one and another.


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DXdao is a DeFi collective that develops, governs, and grows highly scalable DeFi products