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Integrate Vega With XChange Trading Exchange API Library

add support for Vega on the most popular 3rd party trading exchange API libraries

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Vega is a proof of stake blockchain for creating and trading derivatives. It provides infrastructure for decentralized markets that settle in assets held on Ethereum and, in the future, Bitcoin and other major collateral blockchains. Vega facilitates high-speed, permissionless derivatives markets.

The Vega public testnet showcases our technology. We are looking for passionate and talented community members to help us build out the vision by working with us to shape the end product.

problem to solve

Integrating your code base with the Vega Testnet is pretty straightforward via one of the existing APIs (REST, GraphQL, and gRPC). However, we'd like to take one step further and make it even easier by adding support for Vega on one or more of the most popular 3rd party trading exchange API libraries. For this task, Vega support/integration should be added to the following library:

  • XChange - a Java library providing a streamlined API for interacting with 60+ Bitcoin and Altcoin exchanges providing a consistent interface for trading and accessing market data.


You can reach out to us for any queries on our Discord Chat, post your questions in our Community Forums.

We're a friendly team and are very keen to help where possible.

how to apply

  1. Apply to participate with a proposal of the solution
  2. Participation accepted by the team
  3. Commence work
  4. Seek feedback & guidance
  5. Refine solution (if required)
  6. Review solution
  7. Completion of work
  8. Acceptance and bounty reward

Publish your submission as a PR into the 3rd party Github repo with proper README describing how to use it and any 3rd party submission requirements and inform us directly.

It would be good to see a bonus of an animated gif or video walk-through of the reference application for completeness; this is not required, however.

Note: If this is not possible, for any rules in the 3rd party, e.g., Mainnet projects only, please link to the fork of the repo with the Vega specific code.

acceptance criteria

  • integrate Vega's APIs with the XChange library (details above), targeting the Vega Testnet
  • streaming supported; we have GraphQL subscription APIs available to support this (or gRPC for Java/non-web-based apps)
  • please integrate all core XChange API library functionality with Vega, for example, listing markets, managing orders, tracking balances, and streaming.
  • build a small reference application using library integration

Note: If XChange functionality does not yet exist on Vega, please work with us to capture the requirement and specification for future implementation. Check with the Vega team first on the Discord channel if in doubt.


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Vega is a custom PoS blockchain with built-in liquidity incentives that match traders and market makers