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Vega is a custom PoS blockchain with built-in liquidity incentives that match traders and market makers

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We're building a future of finance to rival, or outdo, CeFi — where control of the markets, products, and fees is in the community's hands.

current challenges

We have identified a clear and well defined opportunity to augment the decentralised financial system, taking it beyond cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, and relatively slow general purpose smart contracts by adding a high performance financial products trading and execution layer. 

The platform we imagine would open the door to a fairer and more accessible financial system that doesn’t favour some groups, nor exclude others. We see the potential of permissionless global markets to not only improve on things that exist today, but perhaps to fundamentally rethink how we harness the tools of economics to drive better outcomes for everyone.

We believe that as a response to centralisation and inequality in financial markets, and an enabler for experimentation around our future relationship with money, it may be an important one, and as such are excited to introduce the Vega protocol.


Vega Protocol was founded in 2018 with the aim to develop a protocol that allows anyone to trade derivatives products safely using margin and in a non-custodial manner, so parties can define and exchange real world financial risk without intermediation.  

The Vega whitepaper was published in 2018, the testnet was launched in March 2020, the public testnet was launched in December 2020, and token distribution happened via CoinList. The Vega ERC-20 bridge was launched in January 2021 to connect to Ethereum-based assets, and the restricted mainnet was launched in November 2021.

core team

Barney Mannerings - Co-Founder & CEO

David Siska - Co-Founder & Lead Quant 

Ramsey Khoury - Co-Founder

Rebecca Simmonds - Head of Partnerships 

Wayne Almeida - COO


In return for working with Vega, you get the ability to work at the cutting edge of new technology, remotely, on your own schedule.