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Server Setup For Nethermind Node On Gnosis Chain

create a deployment configuration to secure the traffic

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Create a deployment configuration that sets up a Nethermind node running on Gnosis Chain. All incoming traffic to the node's RPC endpoint must go through a reverse proxy and be secured via HTTPS and basic authentication. Incoming P2P traffic must be allowed through the firewall.


Tooling Requirements

  • Ansible must be used for managing the server configuration
  • All code must be in a single Git repository
  • The deployment procedure must be documented
  • The deployment procedure must be testable locally (in a VM)
  • HAProxy must be used as a reverse proxy
  • Let's Encrypt must be used as the certificate provider
  • certificates must be automatically renewed

Required Configuration Parameters

  • Sync Mode
  • Log File Destinations
  • Public domain name through which the endpoint is reachable

Open Choices - the following choices are free to be made when completing this task

  • Which operating system and version to use (must be Linux-based, OpenBSD or FreeBSD)
  • Running natively or using Docker or any other virtualization technique


acceptance criteria

This task should be delivered within seven days.

We expect a link to a Git repository that satisfies all requirements in this task description.


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