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CG Artist

help tr3butor to build our own verse

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We create our verse and need an artist to help us build it, a tribute to Moebius arts. Solar scifi with much more opportunities, characters, own fashion style, vehicles, and airships.

In our idea, you are one of CG artists, concept artists, comics artists, or illustrators. We build our product like an interactive web3 game and will need support with different illustrations for our social pages or web interfaces.

Please review Moebius art; that is our start point.


  • strong portfolio
  • world-thinking in process, check Moebius art

culture & perks

  • you will be our muse ๐Ÿ˜
  • our team terminal in the friendly discord
  • get paid in crypto

about us

tr3butor is the first Web3 talent platform owned and governed by builders.

Our mission is to make Web3 hiring easy, transparent, fun, and rewarding.

We envision a community-driven marketplace for Web3 job opportunities where anyone can simultaneously choose to be an employer, educator, recruiter, or even all of the above - and get rewarded for their efforts.


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