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intropia is on a mission to match contributors with the most exciting Web3 opportunities

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Bring together Web3 organizations and contributors to build a better, more collaborative world.


intropia aims to become the biggest professional network in Web3, consisting of an ecosystem of products that facilitate the education, onboarding, coordination, and cooperation of Web3 builders.

Future Vision

In 5 years, intropia is the biggest talent community and professional network in Web3, consisting of an ecosystem of products that facilitate education, onboarding, coordination, and cooperation of Web3 builders.

We start with creating a positive-sum solution to help Web3 organizations overcome their recruitment challenges, Web3 communities monetize their audience and talent to land the best-suited jobs at the most promising startups.

Today, contributors use intropia to find the best jobs, bounties, grants and hackathons from 80+ leading Web3 organizations and earn $ rewards for sharing these opportunities with their friends and followers.

intropia is led by a team of Web3 pioneers and seasoned Web2 professionals with a diverse background, coupled with a shared mission and values. We are backed by the best Web3 founders, angels, organisations and VCs.

current challenges

  • Build an active and supportive community of 100K+ Web3 Talent
  • Onboard 100+ web3 orgs and make intropia their main source of talent
  • Create the biggest (and the coolest!) library of professional web3 content
  • Establish the intropias’ profiles aka onchain CVs as main web3 social asset
  • Develop the most trusted model for talent/orgs scoring/rating

culture & values

  • We are brave enough to compete with the best.
  • We are caring enough to go for the extra mile for each community member's success.
  • We value results over processes (but processes matter).
  • For us, working is playing a game.. in the finals of the Premier League.
  • We stand for complete freedom from prejudice and stereotypes, with a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.

history & achievments

We have started matching web3 orgs and talent as a consulting and recruitment agency since 2014, when web3 did not exist as a term. In 2020 we built a classical recruitment agency managing hundreds of projects for established Web3 organizations such as Zerion, BitFury, xDeFi, HodlHodl, Aurora, Naga, Bnk to the Future, and more. 

With more than 10 years of experience in UX-oriented fields such Web, AR/VR and game development, we are ready to bring our skills to completely transform the Web3 user experience into a fun and gamified experience. 

During the months building in stealth, we managed to successfully launch our Minimum Loveable Product, with more than 50 organizations onboarded and a variety of ready-to-apply quests ranging from jobs to grants and hackathons.

We also built and strengthened our relations with industry-leading advisors, foundations, social DAOs, talent communities, education providers, tech partners and KOLs.

Community Milestones:

  • 2000+ followers on Twitter
  • 1500+ verified discord members 
  • 5000+ people participated in the Genesis NFT campaign so far 
  • 4800+ responses for Web3 Contributor Survey 
  • Followed and supported by many legendary names in Web3
  • Organised 350+ ppl side event in Paris with Vitalik as a special guest 
  • Had residency in DAOist Metahub in Lisbon 

core team

  • Max Uper — Founding contributor & CEO
  • Oleg G — CPO
  • Oleksiy S — CTO
  • Viktoriia Kh — HR/Ops
  • Anastasiia K - Head of recruitment
  • Xenia V - Growth/Comms/PR
  • Ari P - Content/Comms/Sales
  • Denys Y — Research / Matchmaking


We are our challenges. We are our people. We are our community.

Work hard knowing that everyone works even harder on shipping value.

  • unlimited PTO
  • competitive compensation
  • token bonuses
  • get paid in crypto