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Dune Payment Channel Analytics Table

summarize various information of the payment channel smart contract.

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HOPR utilizes payment channels for incentivizing node operators who privately relay data packets in the HOPR network. You can read more about our payment channels in the HOPR Basics blog, you can find the latest implementation here in our monorepo and you can find the latest deployment on Gnosis Chain here.

This bounty is part of The Bounty Program.

problem to solve

In this bounty, you create a Dune Analytics dashboard that summarizes a table of various information about the payment channel smart contract. You can find a similar dashboard for an earlier version of our contract here.

acceptance criteria

1. Create a Dune Analytics Dashboard that contains a table of all nodes that have announced themselves with

  • Ethereum address of the node
  • Last public key (also called HOPR address, hex is ok) that has been announced on-chain
  • Number of times that node has announced itself on-chain
  • Balance in xDAI of that node
  • Balance in wxHOPR of that node
  • Number of open payment channels that it has currently funded (any state, excluding channels in state CLOSED)
  • Amount of HOPR tokens that it has currently staked (decreases when counterparty redeemed a ticket)
  • Number of transactions that it made sending xDAI
  • Number of transactions that it made sending wxHOPR
  • Number of unique Ethereum addresses that funded them with wxHOPR tokens
  • Last Ethereum address that funded them with wxHOPR tokens

2. Create a pullrequest for our hopr-devrel repository and submit all your Dune queries into a new sub-folder.


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HOPR is a digital data privacy and protection platform