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showcase in the hoprd interface the network it's being used

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To know which network you are in, you need to run info. To run info, you need to have a node running. To have a node running, you need to fund the node. To fund the node, you need to know which network you are on...

Now you only get to know about the network after funding the node.

problem to solve

Showcase in the hoprd interface the network it's being used.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run a node with a --provider=$GOERLI_PROVIDER flag
  2. See your node being prompted to fund xDAI
  3. See your node not being able to run info to confirm the network

Running a goerli node shows an xDAI funding request, but info shows the correct network.


acceptance criteria

  • user can call a Rest API function, e.g. GET /node/configuration, to retrieve the runtime configuration of a node (basically HoprOptions)
  • user can run hoprd --show-configuration with additional parameters, the node will print the final runtime configuration and exit normally
  • user can run show-configuration command in hoprd admin at any time and is shown the current runtime configuration
  • sensitive values like passwords are always omitted in all options


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