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Extend Myne.Chat To Include Earning Indicators

display information about HOPR token earnings

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Our flagship dApp is currently in alpha and is due to be extended to include various features. The most important of these is to update the UI to show when a node earns HOPR tokens for relaying data. An animation involving the yellow HOPR ball should display each time a node can redeem a ticket for HOPR tokens. A running total of earnings should also be available.

problem to solve

In this bounty, you'll be extending our flagship dApp using our v2 API to display information about HOPR token earnings.

  • The balance of the HOPR node in HOPR tokens should be displayed. The balance should be regularly queried so it is kept up to date.
  • As nodes relay data and earn tokens from winning tickets, an animation representing a rain of yellow HOPR tokens should be displayed. Ideally the number of falling coins should scale with the amount of tokens earned.

The best way to determine that tokens have been earned is left to the hunter, but the goal is that the animation would be triggered fairly frequently. Since ticket redemption occurs on channel closure, which is a rare event in our current localized cluster setup, one acceptable approach is to use the API to regularly query the number of unredeemed tickets and use the probability of a ticket being a winner to estimate earnings / balance.

The image shows suggested changes within the UI:

  1. the earnings animation could display in the left-hand column.
  2. after moving the myne logo upward, a space would be created
  3. to display the node's HOPR token balance.

The hopr token icon can be found here.

acceptance criteria

We plan to showcase the beta version of in mid-late July, so this needs to be ready by 11th July.

This bounty is done when:

  • has been extended with the features described above as verified by the HOPR team
  • a PR has been made to this repository

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