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HOPR Boost NFT Analysis

help HOPR understand how participants use staking program NFTs

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As the HOPR staking program enters its third season, we'd like to analyze our Boost NFTs to see how we can distribute them more efficiently and set the optimal APRs for each type and rank.

The first part of this process is to understand how participants use NFTs. Using Dune Analytics, create queries to help us assess the usage of our NFTs (as a whole and by type) within the staking program.

This bounty is part of The Bounty Program.

problem to solve

We're interested in how users have interacted with our NFT program. For these purposes, we define an "earned" NFT as one which has only ever been in the original receiving wallet or staked in a HOPR staking contract. We define a "transferred" NFT as any NFT which has moved to a different address than these.

1. In Dune create queries that produce the following outputs:

  • a table which can show for each NFT type, and all NFTs combined:
  • how many have been minted
  • how many are earned vs transferred
  • how many have been staked (now or in the past)
  • of staked NFTs, how many are earned vs transferred
  • of unstaked NFTs, how many are earned vs transferred

The table should display both the raw figures and percentages (e.g., of all NFTs of type X, what percentage were staked after being transferred).

2. Based on the table in 1, a table showing the ranking of the NFT types in each data category (e.g., a ranking of NFT types by % both earned and staked or % transferred but unstaked).

A table showing addresses holding HOPR Boost NFTs and for each address, how many are earned vs transferred.

A table showing the addresses which have received transferred NFTs, ranked by number of NFTs received.

3. Based on the table in 3, a chart showing the distribution of addresses with only earned NFTs, addresses with only transferred NFTs and addresses with a mixture.

A table showing the correlation between ownership of different NFT types. It's up to you how to display this, but we should be able to see, for each NFT type, the ordering of which other NFT types are most often held by owners of the first type.

acceptance criteria

Definition of DoneWhen a Dune dashboard has been created containing the queries with the correct outputs.

HOPR will then fork your queries into our own dashboard.

Intro to the staking program:

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