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Build A File Sharing Application Powered By HOPR

build an application/website which uses HOPR for file sharing

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Build an application/website which uses HOPR for file sharing. Currently, HOPR's send_message limits the size of that message to 500 bytes. We would like you to build a solution for this on the app layer which then can be utilized to send payloads larger than 500 bytes. Bonus points if the application/website is deployed and a URL is provided.

⚠️ Please read forum page before applying for this contest.


acceptance criteria

  • Source code must be open-sourced and available on GitHub.
  • Submission must be functional and working.
  • Submission must be your own original work or a fork of an existing project which has been substantially changed.
  • Submission must be sufficiently complex.
  • When applicable, must follow the HOPR dApp standard.
  • Once you are ready to submit your work, apply to this bounty with a link to your submission.
  • Submissions will be judged by the HOPR team.


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