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Nervos Grants Program

empower innovation and development by building your project with Nervos

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about the grant program

Our long-term vision for Nervos is to be fully decentralized in all aspects and community-led. Part of our journey to achieving this is bootstrapping and empowering individuals, projects, and teams who share a common vision for the project.

If you share our vision and have the experience and skills to deliver on any project within the scope of a grant category currently open – we invite you to apply.

The Grants Program was created to empower innovation and development, and to support the growth of a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

projects to apply

The scope of the grants program will be broad and across all aspects of the ecosystem, building to allow anyone around the world the potential to join the community and help grow the Nervos Ecosystem. Initial grants open for application focus on infrastructure building and developing the foundation for which the network and ecosystem can grow.

  • Infrastructure grants
  • Marketing and community building
  • App and use-case grants
  • Sponsorship and promotion
  • Scholarship, bursary, and personal grants

Each grant category has a scope of work for that specific category to give guidance and recommendations for potential applicants. For information on open grant categories and the scope of work within each category, please head over to the Nervos Talk thread.

how to apply

The grant application process consists of 3 rounds.

  1. A grant proposal abstract needs to be posted to Nervos Talk Forum for initial approval of the concept and team.
  2. A detailed technical specification is posted in the same thread below the abstract
  3. A final Q&A Discussion with the review council.


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The Nervos Network is a collection of protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem aiming to solve the biggest challenges facing blockchains