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ICX Interoperability Incentive Program

integrate smart contract-enabled blockchain within BTP working group

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about the grant program

ICON’s Interoperability Incentive Fund is crypto’s first fund dedicated entirely to promoting an interoperable future. 200 million ICX will be allocated over five years to fund projects that will be used to incentivize the use of Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) technology and the development of cross-chain use cases.

ICON’s BTP, which has been under development for several years, is a unique, genuinely decentralized bridging technology that doesn’t compromise security by custodying funds in contracts controlled by hand-picked operators. To learn more, read this BTP overview published by the ICON team.

In addition to funding the development of these use cases, the incentive program funds can be used to attract additional developers to aid in developing these solutions through events like hackathons, developer conferences, high-quality developer education, and documentation.

projects to apply

  • 80 Million ICX for BTP-Enabled Products

This funding category will be reserved for incentivizing the usage of existing products that use BTP technology. These funds will establish long-term adoption of BTP interoperability technology within existing protocols and communities. This can include integrating BTP technology for backend bridging, front-end adoption of bridging solutions on protocol application interfaces, and integration with bridging aggregator solutions.

  • 120 Million ICX for Cross-Chain Use Cases

Most of the incentive program funds will be allocated toward developing high-quality use cases for our BTP technology. Various cross-chain products could be built, such as DEX aggregators to identify the most optimal routes to fulfill trade orders across chains, yield aggregators that can tap into DeFi products throughout the BTP ecosystem, or structured products such as cross-chain options contracts. There are opportunities to solve issues such as liquidity fragmentation and infinitely wrapped assets.


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Icon Foundation is a public blockchain protocol building a hyperconnected future with BTP, our chain-agnostic interoperability solution.