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Icon Foundation is a public blockchain protocol building a hyperconnected future with BTP, our chain-agnostic interoperability solution.

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The Icon Project is focused on blockchain interoperability. It is also heavily invested in open-source technology. The two primary goals are:

  1. To connect siloed-off blockchains so that communities can be seamlessly integrated
  2. To run a constructive and collaborative community that develops Icon technology in an open and decentralized manner.

current challenges

The biggest issue that Icon Project faces is the sustainability of the ecosystem. The community should have better connections than it currently has between technical members, businesses/projects, foundation members, and the at-large userbase. A more well-connected community would help provide necessary or valuable resources to all of the layers of our community so that sustained participation is more accessible and with fewer cost prohibitions.

culture & values

The Icon Project aims to have a robust and supportive community with low barriers to entry and strong incentives to continue participating, as well as to facilitate a fair decision-making process where community members feel that their opinions are important and that they can solve problems in ways that they are comfortable doing so.


Icon Foundation was founded in 2016-2017. Much of the key contributors have been from Seoul, Korea. Icon technology maintains a unique smart contract environment based on the Java virtual machine, which has been adapted and heavily modified from Aion blockchain technology.

The Icon Project has stumbled a bit in terms of reaching its goals. Much of that may be attributed to insufficient prioritization of the user and community experience. With a revamped team and new motivations, that will all change.

Icon has a strong community of thousands of members and a handful of useful decentralized applications. The Icon Network has recently integrated its first version of its blockchain-interoperability solution into the core blockchain, called Bridge. The bridge is a centralized relay-based model. The second version, called Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP), is likely to be launched within the next 12 months. BTP is a decentralized relay-based model. Both models use on-chain "light clients," unique among blockchain-interoperability solutions.

Icon Foundation aims to integrate more projects of all scales into the Icon Network using blockchain-interoperability technology in the next 12-24 months.

core team

Icon Foundation has a flat company hierarchy. The Icon Foundation Council handles certain strategy decisions.

Min Kim - Founder

Ricky Dodds - Project Development & Finances

Scott Smiley - Project Development & Finances

Daeki Lee - Research & Finances

TJ Hunt - Research & Finances

Bo Yun - Operations

Sunny Kim - Operations

Steve Nam - Operations & Legal

Elise Shin - Communications & Marketing

Jen McClaning - Communications & Marketing

Cyrus Vorwald - Technical Lead

Hong Park - Technical Lead

Dong Hyun Lee - Technical Lead

Justin Hsiao - Technical Lead

Eric Solomon - Technical Lead


The goal is to have the entire project be run by the community. In doing so, this project aims to have an incredibly high degree of sustainability and a shallow barrier to entry. We need some help with the low wall-to-entry steps, but it's one of the top priorities moving forward.

If we all communicate, build together, and give each other feedback, we can accomplish all of the above goals and more. You should be able to start a successful business with this network, your little sister should be able to publish her projects, and your friends should be able to join existing businesses and participate in new opportunities. We have to take it one step at a time.

Some of the bonuses we offer:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Business and technical guidance from the community
  • Collaborative credit on open-source projects