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Build An Application Using HOPR

build an app to rely sensitive data on HOPR

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Build an application/website which uses HOPR for relaying sensitive data. Bonus points if the application/website is deployed and a URL is provided.

Multiple people may work on this bounty, individually receiving $800, and a winner will be selected to receive $2500.

Developing HOPR

This contest is part of The Bounty Program.

problem to solve

1. Apply to work on this bounty via gitcoin with a description of what you would like to build.

2. A moderator will respond with an approval of your idea in the comments.

3. Once you have completed your work, you will get $800 in HOPR tokens.

4. On 26/09/2022, the HOPR team will select ONE of their favorite submission, which will be rewarded with $2500 in HOPR tokens.

acceptance criteria

  • Source code must be open-sourced and available on GitHub.
  • Submission must be functional and working.
  • Submission must be your original work or a fork of an existing project which has been substantially changed.
  • Submission must be sufficiently complex.
  • When applicable, must follow the HOPR dApp standard.