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Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

be a visioner, make the technical team the best in the industry

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Chief Technology Officer will be a visioner, they will be responsible for ensuring that our technical team is the best in the industry, complex projects are properly planned and delivered, goals are clear and the engineering culture is strong and healthy.


  • Set objectives and strategies for the IT department
  • Select and implement suitable technology to streamline all internal operations and help optimize their strategic benefits
  • Plan the implementation of new systems and provide guidance to IT professionals and other staff within the organization
  • Oversee the technological infrastructure (networks and computer systems) in the organization to ensure optimal performance
  • Monitor changes or advancements in technology to discover ways the company can gain a competitive advantage
  • Analyze the costs, value and risks of information technology to advise management and suggest actions
  • Supervise the overall operational activities of the engineering team
  • Develop team culture by guiding, mentoring, and training all engineers
  • Allocate resources to effectively meet goals, identify team growth needs, or set growth plans
  • Work closely with the C-level and technical leaders to ensure tasks, deadlines, and goals are met
  • Demonstrate and inspire a strong sense of teamwork
  • Demonstrate and inspire integrity, quality, and professionalism
  • Manage engineering’s engagement, retention, and performance
  • Provide professional development, coaching, mentorship, and cultivate emerging leaders for the organization
  • Design processes and build tooling to support multiple products in diverse geographies
  • Engage in architectural discussions, determine tradeoffs, seek to reduce complexity, and drive the discussion towards decisions
  • As part of the leadership team, contribute to strategic decision making and resource allocation on the company level
  • Control and manage the IT budget


  • 5+ years of relevant experience as a CTO
  • Passionate about next-generation finance and blockchain technology
  • Deep understanding of the blockchain/DeFi/crypto technologies landscape preferred
  • Deep technical background in open-source, cloud solutions with previous hands-on experience in software engineering and infrastructure within a high-performing technology organization (e.g., Software engineering, Data Science/Analytics, DevOps/DevSecOps)
  • Outstanding executive-level verbal and written communication skills
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills, with the interpersonal capability to ensure they are implemented
  • Comfort working in high growth, constantly changing environment
  • Experience with diverse technology applications and associated architectures
  • Proactive, strong product/entrepreneurial mindset and previous experience working with cross-functional, product-focused teams
  • Demonstrated experience of attracting, hiring, enabling, and developing stellar talent
  • Excellent collaborative manager of managers, with the ability to mentor and grow senior engineers and engineering managers
  • Previous experience managing change as well as shaping organizational design, incentivization, and communication structures across multiple teams
  • Strong process- and systems thinker with the ability to find transdisciplinary solutions to open-ended business and tech problems by going to a technical first principal level and challenging hidden assumptions
  • An opinion on how things are done correctly and an extremely high frame of reference for yourself and the teams you lead
  • Understanding of cloud-computing and architecture, high-performance computing is strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of the latest technological and regulatory trends in providing IT infrastructure to businesses; financial capital markets experience is strongly preferred
  • Fluency in English

culture & perks

  • Remote working from any part of the world to your liking as long as your business hours fit the Cyprus time zone
  • Competitive salary paid in $ and excellent international career opportunities
  • LTI program (RSU or Stock option)
  • Well-being & Mental Health support program
  • Full tech/equipment set-up, which is relevant to executing tasks
  • A high degree of autonomy, no micromanagement
  • Ownership culture

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