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Hack Juno grants

be incentivized building and launching dapps on Juno

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about the grant program

The community DAO voted in favour of the proposed general principles under which SubDAOs should operate, and then voted to instantiate a Hack Juno SubDAO.

Hack Juno SubDAO

The Hack Juno SubDAO has been officially been instantiated. It’s purpose is to organize and run Hack Juno. You can view the DAO here.

How to participate

Hack Juno is primarily for developers, as it is designed to incentivize people building and launching dapps on Juno. That said, designers and product contributions are also eligible, but you have to ship something useful that people can use, and it must be opensource.

Teams and individuals will be evaluated on the value they’re creating for the Juno ecosystem. Quality code / design / ux / documentation, will score highly.

If you’ve already been building, great! You’ve got a head start. If not, well then it’s time to get started.

The Process

1. Build something cool.

2. Tweet about it and tag @HackJuno.

3. Submit the form.

4. Get nominated by one of the DAO judges (just one has to like your application).

5. Judges evaluate your project and vote.

6. Rewards will paid out in batches by the Hack Juno SubDAO.

The Hack Juno SubDAO may modify this process at any time should the need arise. Any modifications will be communicated via the Hack Juno Twitter account.

What won’t score well?

  • Projects that aren’t open source
  • Anyone who spams the submission system or judge’s DMs
  • Projects that fork someone elses code to try and pass it off as their own
  • Projects that don’t work or have large security vulnerabilities


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