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a decentralized, public, permission-less network for cross-chain smart contracts

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mission & key concepts

Juno is a global, open source, permission-less network for decentralized interoperable applications.

Anyone can create & use inter-chain applications on Juno. The ecosystem is pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption, allowing developers to deploy secure & robust inter-chain smart contracts in Rust. The Juno proof of stake blockchain is built using the Cosmos SDK and reaches network agreement via Tendermint Consensus. The network is governed by delegators, who vote in changes via on-chain governance.

Core principles: Secure, scalable, permission-less. 

current challenges

  • make building on Juno easy, safe and effective, help all the builders with it
  • grow the ecosystem
  • build the community and grow the awareness about Juno Ecosystem
  • Make the network stable, ensure the network data clear, easy-to-use

history & achievments

Juno had its decentralized network launch on the 1st of October 2021. CosmWasm Smart Contracts went live on December 15th 2021.


50+ apps, contracts, tools and 2000+ DAOs built on Juno

core team

Juno originates & evolves from a community-driven initiative, prompted by dozens of developers, validators & delegators in the Cosmos ecosystem. The shared vision is to preserve the neutrality, performance & reliability of the Cosmos Hub and offload smart contract deployment to a dedicated sister Hub.

Here are the members of the Core-1 Web3 infrastructure development team:

  • Andrea Di Michele — Dimi (stakefish)
  • Wolfcontract (SG-1)
  • Blockcreators
  • Jake Hartnell (Stargaze.Zone)
  • Jack Zampolin (Strangelove Ventures)