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Blockchain Architect

architect, design and develop the blockchain stack within our Client architecture

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14 months ago

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role overview

You’re a systems Blockchain Engineer with good knowledge of Layer 1 protocols, passionate for blockchain and decentralization. You enjoy working to a high standard and writing code that is clean, performant, and maintainable. You express yourself clearly in writing and in discussions.


  • Architect, design and develop the blockchain stack within our Client architecture
  • Build foundational specifications and software in the form of reference implementations. Golang is preferred but not essential
  • Contribute to the ideation of new capabilities working with other builders
  • Contribute with the best practices to create open infrastructure and ensure it adheres to the industry standards in terms of QA

Timing: +36h/week


  • Relevant experience in developing distributed systems, virtual machines, and/or blockchain protocols preferably in Solidity/Rust/Golang
  • Experience with architecture and design of layer 1 blockchains and related systems, Avalanche experience a bonus but not required
  • Experience with EVM implementations
  • Computer Science fundamentals, experience with blockchain protocols and data structures, algorithms, system design concepts, and problem-solving
  • Distributed systems knowledge, and experience shipping large scale software
  • You understand client-server communication: HTTP, REST, RPC
  • Interest in DAOs and the future of work

culture & perks

  • Ultimate autonomy. Work whenever, wherever on whatever interests you most
  • Peer support: Up your game by working with other talented professionals
  • Work with a variety of cutting-edge, high-impact web3 projects
  • Community: retreat, friends around the world, workshops, IRL retreats, and much more!
  • Competitive rates & token allocation opportunities in client projectsPaid in crypto
  • Free/discounted legal and accounting services with special providers (coming soon)
  • Shape the direction of dOrg and the future of work
  • Earn Rep to unblock many more

about us

dOrg is an autonomous collective of engineers, designers, and other web3 specialists. We build tools that empower people to self-organize.

We envision a future where power is radically decentralized – people can easily coordinate and transact without intermediaries; institutions are transparent and responsive to the needs of their constituents; voluntary collectives outcompete coercive monopolies; wealth is fairly distributed; and machines handle the boring work while humans focus on meaningful pursuits.

We believe that web3 will be a key part of this future and we’re here to build it.


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an autonomous collective building decentralized infrastructure and applications