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Product Manager - DeFi

Take response for our product directions, for product experience and final results

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About us

We are a team of high performance individuals. Artists. The starting lineup. Always hunting for the next best product, strategy, execution. Whether you’re with us in our offices in Santa Clara and San Francisco, or even remotely, a job at Founders Kit will be demanding. Yet we reward those that deliver results. Those that can think bottom up, from a first principles standpoint. And we wouldn’t ask for anything else.

At Founders Kit, we don’t just build software. We innovate where we are recognized at the top of adjacent industries. Join the team that manifests the standards of excellence, and that does whatever it takes to realize that value. We want your unique experience and strengths to guide us to a better tomorrow.

Does a resourceful, dynamic and withstanding environment activate your reticular activation system? Do you like to venture into that part of the world where you can’t “Google your answers” to solve your problems anymore? It happens when your abilities cross the threshold from exceptional into elite. If you know what that feels like, you’ll be a great fit for our team!

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  • Independently responsible for one or more product directions, responsible for product experience and final results
  • Research and analysis of new trends, products and features of the DeFi market
  • Go deep into the community, listen to the voice of users, tap the real needs of users
  • Deliver detailed PRD requirements and interaction design considering technical feasibility and implementation plan
  • Manage the entire product lifecycle and drive product development with engineering team
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams from around the world to enhance Binance DeFi's user experience
  • Ensure products and releases are launched correctly and on schedule


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