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Introduce-a-Client Program

Introduce potential clients to the intropia team and earn % of the revenue they generate!

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Intropia Introduce-a-Client Program

Intropia is looking for active community members to help introduce us to potential clients in the Web3 space to help them identify and connect with top-notch web3 professionals. As part of the Introduce-a-Client Program, you can be rewarded for introducing us to potential clients in the Web3 space.


Active community members who refer potential clients to Intropia will receive the following rewards as a token of appreciation:

  • 1-3 successful referrals: 10% of the referred client's revenue in the first 6 months
  • 4-6 successful referrals: 12,5% of the referred client's revenue in the first 6 months
  • 7+ successful referrals: 15% of the referred client's revenue in the first 6 months

Eligibility and Acceptance Criteria

Intropia is open to introductions to reputable companies that:

  • are small to medium-sized web3 start-ups experiencing rapid growth
  • have completed Seed or Series A-B funding rounds
  • have four or more open positions
  • are interested in developing their employer brand

How to Apply

  1. Sign up for the Introduce-a-Client Program HERE.

2. Program enrollment: Short call with an intropia team member to get onboarded and sign Finder Agreement.

3. Submit a referral: Provide information about the prospective client and their needs.

   1. Create a group on Telegram, or

   2. Start an email thread, or

   3. Connect us in any other convenient way!

4. Referral verification: Our team will review submitted referrals to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

5. Client negotiation: Our team will speak out to the referred client, presenting our services.

6. Reward distribution: Once a referred company becomes paying customer, you will receive your referral fee.

Join the Intropia Introduce-a-Client Program today and monetize your network! πŸ’°


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