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Chief Product Officer

Make educated decisions on how our product should evolve tactically and strategically to reach the desired outcomes

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Role Overview

We're seeking a forward-thinking Chief Product Officer to join our leadership team, a hustler mindset individual, someone who deeply understands the intersection of gaming and blockchain. This role requires the ability to tactically and strategically evolve our product roadmap in order to achieve our business objectives. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of making data-driven decisions and adapting to changing landscapes to ensure our desired outcomes are met.

Location: EU, UA


  • Formalize the product vision, in collaboration with the product, engineer, operation, and marketing team as well as key stakeholders. Hold effective demos and feedback sessions with stakeholders for new product concepts and releases as and when required.
  • Produce product specifications in the form of user stories with detailed acceptance criteria and accompanied with visual aids where relevant, to ensure the development teams have all the required information to deliver the desired outcome.
  • Develop and continuously refine short-term and long-term product development roadmaps that support the product vision and facilitate decision-making.
  • Champion ideas and concepts for new product development to inspire the wider organization on what can be achieved and to obtain any required support to see these through.
  • Ensure that proper tracking, data collection, and reporting capabilities are in place to analyze and understand user behaviors and product performance.
  • Manage the product development backlog, ensuring it is properly organized, prioritized, and kept up to date.


  • Previous experience working as Product Manager in the crypto and streaming/gaming/network industry
  • A deep understanding of the intersection of gaming and blockchain
  • Expert at defining and explaining requirements for features to be designed by the design team and later developed by the Engineering team.
  • Ability to compose PRD (Product Requirement Documents) is a must.
  • Skilled at spotting the difference between great and mediocre UI and UX design
  • Familiar with various tools and techniques to quickly test product ideas and iterate on them (such as Jira, Figma, OneSignal, Amplitude, A/B testing, etc.)
  • Strong grasp of product analytics and an ability to read data on Amplitude or similar tools
  • Responsible for the scope of the work, development, and impact of multiple projects while contributing to the product roadmap
  • Experience in maintaining a roadmap and regularly reviewing with the stakeholders
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about Web3, and how it can be applied to the Gaming and networking industries.
  • A hustler mindset individual.

Important note!

Our ultimate goal is to connect game developers/brands and Youtube/Tiktok creators/KOLs using web2 and web3 technologies and provide more efficient UA for the first, and extra monetization opportunities for the second.

In your cover letter, Provide simple product stages for your idea, specify parts that can be done personally by you and how you would test its relevance.

About us

SnowBallX is the Community-first Gaming User Acquisition Platform built on top of Lens Protocol. It’s a proposed decentralized platform designed to help gaming companies acquire new users through a transparent, secure, and incentivized system.

The platform leverages the power of both Web2 and Web3 technologies to create a more effective and efficient user acquisition process that benefits both gaming companies and users.

In order to achieve that we’re utilizing community-first approach where we’re going to build interest and economic graphs - where users are forming social communities around common gaming interests (i.e. PieDiePie RPG clan) and economic interests (having a share in the community earnings).

Current stage

  • The project is in the pre-seed stage.
  • There is no website yet.
  • We have a team of 7 passionate builders.

Seize the opportunity to be part of our journey from the start; join us at the ground level and help mold the foundation of the high-potential startup.


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Community-first Gaming User Acquisition Platform built on top of Lens Protocol