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Nymja Ambassador program

Join the next phase of the global privacy infrastructure movement: we are announcing the Nymja Ambassador program!

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Who can join the Nymja Ambassador program?

The Nym community is incredibly varied — we have activists and hacktivistsprivacy experts who have been around for decades and token enthusiasts entirely new to privacy but keen to get in on the next big thing to shape our digital future. If you feel you can empower Nym’s vision & bring meaningful privacy to people in your region or globally — just do it!

Nymja criteria

  • Strong understanding of Nym’s vision, products, and latest developments.
  • You’re an active member of our community and understand our culture.
  • Experienced in either marketing, community management, content creation, or DevRel.
  • You’re passionate about privacy, proactive, supportive, a quick learner and have strong communication skills.

Why join the Nymja Ambassador Program?

You will learn and test your knowledge about how privacy could empower Web3, mixnets, and cypherpunks, the privacy problems of many of today’s most popular apps as well as the Nym lore and more…


  • Monthly rewards — receive $NYM for completing specific tasks.
  • Result-based bonuses — earn an extra $NYM for surpassing our expectations.
  • Promotional rewards — earn swag boxes for successfully rising through our ambassador ranks.
  • Networking opportunities — work alongside Nym core team and attend local events and conferences sponsored by the team.
  • Mentorship & guidance — refine your skills and develop real-world experience in Web3.
  • Recognition & influence — build a reputation, and maybe even a future career for yourself.
  • Exclusive access — be the first to know about Nym official releases and upcoming products that will change the future of the internet.

👉 Read the Full Announcement to get more details