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The next generation of privacy infrastructure

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Mission & Key Concepts

The Nym network is a decentralized and tokenized infrastructure providing holistic privacy from the network layer to the application layer. With Nym, you can communicate freely without censorship or fear.

Combining a decentralized mixnet and a credential system, Nym weaves token-based incentives into the ecosystem it enables, delivering privacy that is both sustainable and scalable. Nym fills in the missing pieces of the cryptographic revolution necessary to end mass surveillance.

Nym protects even against the most powerful, passive adversaries that can observe every packet going in and out of your internet connection. With Nym, you can use the internet without fear of being watched.

Main highlights

  • Nym protects privacy at the network layer by encrypting and relaying your internet traffic through a multi-layered network called a mixnet.
  • The Nym mixnet is incentivized and decentralized.
  • Nym can work with any application.

More about NYM fundamentals:

Nym Components

  • Nym Mixnet

The Nym mixnet is a multi purpose mixnet that prevents traffic analysis by an adversary capable of watching the entire network, including the NSA.

  • Nym Token (NYM)

The Nym TOKEN (NYM) incentivizes privacy and is used to make mixnet decentralized, sustainable and resilient.

  • Nym Credentials

Allow 3rd party apps to anonymize any arbitrary ‘key : value’ pairs, so users can privately reveal part or all of their data at their discretion for any necessary compliance and authentication.


It’s clear that internet privacy has never been weaker, but it’s not down for the count — and the ground is ripe for change. Our experienced, committed team is excited to be taking the first steps.

We look forward to your code contributions and comments on GitHub.


1/ 2018-2020: Inception

  • Mix nodes and validators on boarded after 2019 launch at Chaos Computer Congress
  • Closed pre-seed funding round led by Binance Labs - 2.5M CHF
  • Launched Litepaper
  • Mixnet built in Rust for better performance
  • Tokenized “Nymph” testnet open to public
  • Launched Nym wallet and explorers

2/ 2021: Mainnet Launch

  • Completed Finney and Milhon testnets
  • Nym whitepaper launched
  • Nym Mainnet chain/tokens generated Q4 2021
  • Closed Polychain led seed round funding - 6M CHF
  • Closed a16z led funding round - 13M CHF

3/ 2022: Token Launch

  • NYM token launch on CoinList - Done
  • Launch of Nym Connect + Nym clients for app integrations - Done
  • Nym ecosystem created including mix nodes, staking activity, token liquidity, custody - Done
  • Launch NYX for governance and validators
  • Launch zero-knowledge Nym credentials for private access to apps
  • 3rd party wallet integrations and privacy partnerships

4/ 2023: End-User Adoption

  • Parameterized secure mixnet, with application and user-driven customization of mixing time for handling everyday private internet usage
  • Launch decentralized Nym VPN service with partners
  • Censorship-resistant gateways
  • Partnerships with multiple major blockchains driving usage
  • Paid mixnet via anonymous bandwidth credentials

5/ 2024: Institutional Adoption

  • Support enterprise use-cases and institutional adoption - partnering with popular apps like Signal, Google and Brave
  • Key partner integration with fintech, medical and personal data sectors
  • Push for integration into browsers and operating systems - Standardize at IETF
  • Secure hardware optimization and network stack integration
  • Scale to millions of users!

Core Team

  • Harry Halpin - CEO and Chairman of Scientific Board
  • Dave Hrycyszyn - CTO
  • Jess Hrycyszyn - CPO
  • Alexis Roussel - COO
  • Jaya Klara Brekke - CSO
  • Claudia Diaz - Chief Scientist
  • Ania Piotrowska - Head of Research, and other great people.