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Community Business Support - Builder Day Nigeria - November/December

Build an app that helps a business in your area. It must use blockchain in some tangible way

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  1. Build an application that helps a business in your area


  • 150 USDT : 2 winners

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Community : This must be an idea with real-world value in your community. You should not create a new currency token for this project
  2. Blockchain : This application must use blockchain in some vital way
  3. Quality : This should be of high development quality
  4. User experience : This application should have the user experience as expected of a modern application
  5. Open-source : This project should be open-source and available on Github or equivalent

How to Submit

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Create an application that helps a business in your area! This application must use blockchain in a meaningful way!

For most of you, this will be related to a business in or near Warri, Nigeria, but it may be somewhere else as well. Consider how blockchain can help the structure of this application. Blockchain is a trustless, distributed database with an attached environment for executing code

This application can benefit either a public service, such as an education system, or private business, such as a restaurant. Be creative with this application! Think about how you can help your community socially and economically

We recommend to connect with the business beforehand. Be aware of what their practical problems are. Look for someone who you can communicate the results of your demo with. They may be interested to see what you come up with!

Do not create a new currency token for a project associated with this bounty. If your service is monetized in any way, please use a native or otherwise commonly used token such as ETH, USDT, etc

This can be developed on any blockchain platform. For example, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cosmos, ICON, NEAR ... to name a few

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